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If you win in the Greencard Lottery, you are legally permitted to reside in the United States. Many residents from foreign countries apply for citizenship after a few years of residency.<br> <br> The US Citizenship and Immigration Service will conduct a criminal check on every person who applies for citizenship. If you have a criminal record, you may face denial of citizenship or have your citizenship taken away if the service finds out a crime was committed after a citizenship is given.<br> <br> If I'm a citizen why would I be deported? Crimes that cause the loss of citizenship<br> <br> Various crimes constitute denial of citizenship or revocation of it. If the crime is serious, you can be deported. Every applicant must complete the section on the form for disclosing any crimes committed in the past that led to conviction or were removed from your record.<br> <br> &bull; If you fail to disclose the required criminal information, the USCIS will reject your application and not grant citizenship. Your citizenship will be removed if the service finds at a later date that crimes were committed in the past. If an applicant has declared a criminal conviction or an arrest, documents related to the arrest, court decision and the punishment must be supplied to the authority.<br> <br> &bull; Inaccurately stating information in order to receive citizenship is considered to be a crime and constitutes denial of citizenship or confiscation of citizenship. Being dishonest in completion of an application or during an interview is an immoral act and nulls citizenship and possibly will lead to deportation.<br> <br> &bull; The intent to deliberately harm another individual will result in citizenship being taken away. Since this a crime that threatens the public, this is one of the crimes that cause deportation.<br> <br> &bull; Conducting any fraudulent act and affecting well being of property is also grounds for not getting citizenship.<br> <br> &bull; Being engaged in illegal activity such as drug usage and selling or smuggling are both crimes that cause loss of citizenship and have the potential for deportation.<br> <br> &bull; Those who enter the United States illegally are deported immediately.<br> <br> &bull; Prostitution is an act that is considered illegal and will void the ability to become a citizen of the United States. This is a crime that will affect becoming a US citizen<br> <br> &bull; Any individual who has been convicted of a crime and served 6 months time within five years will not become a citizen of the United States.<br> <br> &bull; People who have committed a terrorist crime or are associated with this type of crime are not approved for citizenship and can be deported from the US.<br> <br> &bull; Having more than one spouse voids the ability for citizenship because polygamy is illegal in the United States. Every applicant must disclose marital status accurately. If you are found to have a spouse in the US and in another country, Anti Terrorism Course - https://www.adscglobal.com/online-counter-terrorism-awareness-course-training your citizenship can be revoked. Falsifying information is also grounds for deportation.<br> <br> Other crimes will also determine eligibility for citizenship. The list is much longer than this related to deportation and remaining a citizen of the United States. The main reason for deportation and loss of citizenship is crime and illegal activity.