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Cool roofs use highly reflective and emmissive materials which help reduce the energy costs in your building. They can also successfully increase comfort of the occupants and reduce maintenance costs of the roofs.<br> <br> While some cool roof products will cost over 10-20% more than traditional roofing products, there are a number of products which will cost less when compared to traditional products. But these roofs are clearly a better choice for roofers because they can work with innovative products and businesses to attain sustainability in the best manner. Also there are a number of rebates available for new construction and reconstruction projects. Rebates vary in different states and to apply for a specific rebate you need to choose one which is available in your state, verify that the materials used meet the rebate requirements and send the application with the supporting documentation to the provider who is offering the cool roof rebate. Apart from rebates, tax credits and other incentives for energy efficiency are a great source of financial motivation to move builders to install these roofs which are the way forward. A number of states including Georgia, Arizona and Florida are adopting building codes similar to the Title 24 in California to make cool roof mandatory in commercial buildings.<br> <br> Cool Roof Requirements<br> <br> If you have decided to install it you must consider the standards set for it. Expert roofing technical services stanwood washington - contractors can provide you with extensive information on the various requirements including the materials which meet the set criteria for reflectance and emmittance. They will find out if the materials are tested and rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council.<br> <br> Looking for a roofing contractor?