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Sexy Bikini Swimsuit Tanning: If your DD is caucasian, she'll need to be tanned before going on stage. Many hair and makeup people also do tanning. Don't attempt to do this yourself to save a few bucks unless you have a lot of experience. Men could keep their service uniform too and many left the distribution centres in uniform with a small suitcase containing their demob clothes. Towards the end of 1945, around 75,000 demob suits were being made each week.[7] One of the principal suppliers was Burtons, founded by Montague Burton,[12] leading to speculation that the phrase the full monty, meaning "the works", originated in reference to a full set of demob clothes supplied by the firm.[13][14] Other manufacturers included the Fifty Shilling Tailors and Simpsons of Piccadilly.[7]Demob suits were made of the best quality material available in quantity at the time and were not utility clothes,[7] however, problems with distribution meant that the right sizes were not always in stock when the clothes were fitted and the style of what was available was not always what men wanted. These problems made the demob suit the butt of much ridicule and humour. 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