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If you have a sweating problem and are still dating, the combination of the two make for a very embarrassing situation. To make a good impression you don't want to be covered in sweat or web link - http://www.productos-bancarios.com/making-the-right-ebook-cover-design/ stinky on your dates. There are ways of covering up sweat marks on a date so that you can be more relaxed and more confident.<br> <br> Before leaving the house there are a few essentials to start reducing sweating for the evening. Take a fairly long cool shower to help lower body and skin temperatures. Also drink some cool water. Don't do anything to cause extra sweating like becoming anxious because there isn't enough time to get ready. The more relaxed you are the less sweating. Whether it's before your date or during your date, it's best to relax because nervousness can bring out extra sweating.<br> <br> To cover sweat marks darker clothing will work best. Lighter clothing tends to show the dark sweat marks more easily. Also use sweat pads or shields that can be used in dresses as well as dress shirts. These will absorb extra underarm sweat keeping it from the outer garments. It's a good idea to also bring a light jacket just in case you have to completely cover up any sweat stains during the evening. This will mask the sweat that might be there and give you some confidence knowing that you have a backup plan.<br> <br> Another good idea is to avoid certain types of foods. Spicy foods for example will cause unnecessary increase in heat of body temperature making you sweat. Foods such as onions and garlics should be avoided because they can make sweat smell worse.<br> <br> Reducing the actual reasons for sweating will also help you out. There are many methods that are used from natural to surgical methods to help reduce sweating.